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Song Commentary


Ladies, we’ve all been there. There he goes again-explaining the obvious, stealing ideas and calling them his, talking to us like we are a novice. Mansplainin’ is a fun, upbeat soul song that illuminates the dilemma of women everywhere: having to endure another exhausting episode of Mansplainin’. 

All Shook Up

A woman’s take on one of Elvis’ sexist songs, “All Shook Up” embraces the fun, funky side of desire and love. Arranged with elements of vintage soul, rock & roll, fat bass sounds, and warm background vocals, Rachel’s sexy vocals illuminate how a woman feels when she is really all shook up.

Triple D's

Wanna land that big man? Well just show him your Triple Ds: Demure, Diminish, Defer to his every need. The Patriarchy runs deep-sometimes even into the culture of how women mentor other women to live up to the expectations of men. Aunt Joan and Aunt Mary sit down with their niece to explain just how she can land that man and accept the suffering that comes with hiding her true needs and desires to fit the mold of the “perfect” woman. 

Pollyanna's Lament

 A heartbreaking look into the world of a woman who is suffering inside of a dark relationship and doesn’t know how to get out. Pollyanna wants to look on the bright side, see the good in her partner and be glad for what she has, but the relationship consumes her spirit and breaks her down. An intimate piece with just vocals and piano, the emotional arcs swell as Pollyanna laments about her fate. 

Tiny Hands

His hands are the TEENIEST! A theatrical and satirical take on men (one in particular) that have tiny hands yet build giant skyscrapers to the sky, drive sleek red sports cars, manipulate the masses, and try to overturn the world’s biggest superpower. It is getting to the unspeakable root of some of the major-or in this case minor-cause of some of the most toxic traits of the patriarchy. 

Sundown of the Macho Man

A prophetic cowgirl western song that takes the listener on the journey of how the patriarchy started in the backdrop of a small town and what happened when the King of the Machos stumbled into town to dominate once and for all. Will the women take the command to stay put in their “place,” or will they ban together and conquer the Machos once and for all? 

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