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Wonder Woman Singer-Songwriter Rachel Burns Releases Satirical and Powerful Single, "Mansplainin',” and Announces What a Nasty Woman EP.

Multi-talented, Washington DC-based artist Rachel Burns is a Wonder Woman.  She’s a stage three breast cancer survivor who with panache and poignancy has chronicled her survivor’s journey in her music. Her brave story was spotlighted regionally on ABC’s evening news. During Trump’s presidency, Rachel had a stint of inspiring women as a humorous Wonder Woman character through appearing at many protests in Washington DC. Her galvanizing presence made the front page of the New York Times’ Style section, and she’s been featured multiple times in The Washington Post. 

Just as the weather is heating up, this woman who is making waves announces her new single and video for "Mansplainin',” out April 28th to be followed by the single "Pollyanna's Lament," out June 2nd, which will then be followed by her sophomore EP, What a Nasty Woman, out July 7th. 

“We are all Wonder Women. We all have superpowers to tell the truth and be good to one another. When we live in sisterhood and lift one another up we become unstoppable powerhouses. This EP explores how far we have come, and how far we still have to go,” Rachel says.  

Inspiring, irreverent, and intimately revealing, Rachel’s new six-song EP is truly something to celebrate.  What a Nasty Woman will be preceded by the upbeat soul song “Mansplainin',” capturing those eye-rolling moments of being talked down to by men who need to prove they know-it-all. The finger-snapping second single, the jazzy "Triple D's," sassily details the secret to landing that perfect man: show him your Triple Ds: demure, diminish, defer to his every need. What a Nasty Woman also features Rachel’s frisky reading of Elvis' “All Shook Up,” the heartbreaking ballad” Pollyanna's Lament,” the theatrically satirical “Tiny Hands,” and the prophetic cowgirl western song, “Sundown of the Macho Man.” 

Rachel Burns is a lifelong musician who earned her degree in Classical Vocal Performance from Boston’s prestigious New England Conservatory of Music. For over 20 years, Rachel has been a mainstay on the Boston and DC music scenes, performing her unique arrangements of jazz, blues, pop, and country tunes with a bevy of bands. In 2013, Rachel was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer which sidelined her active music career as she underwent 9 months of intense treatment. When Rachel returned, she used her cancer diagnosis and her powerful recovery story as inspiration for original music, crafting songs that stretch across the spectrum from quirky to uplifting to ultimately funny. In the summer of 2022, she signed with Lady Savage Management & PR based in Nashville. The proudly unique artist inspires women across the world to empower themselves through her thought-provoking songwriting and arranging. Rachel’s vibrant and unique personality can be found on her YouTube Channel, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Visit to stay up to date on new releases, upcoming shows, and to connect with Rachel online. 

Media inquiries:
Natalie Creel Bailey
NASHVILLE, TN | 615.955.1022

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